What is 10:1 bedro-oil?

We spent all these years standardizing our varieties, so a standard dosing system seemed fitting. For all Bedrocan products 10ml of 10:1 bedro-oil = 1g of the same dried whole-flower cannabis.

Ingestion vs Inhaling

Delayed onset of effects: Up to 2 hours or longer.

Longer duration of effects: 6-10 hours or longer.

Faster onset of effects: Within minutes

Shorter duration of effects: 2-4 hours, in some cases up to 6.

*10:1 bedro-oils are not intended for inhalation

Welcome to your introductory guide to Bedrocan’s 10:1 bedro-oil. This is a new line of products so we want to highlight some important details.

Delayed onset, longer duration

Effects take longer to take effect when cannabis is ingested and the effects last longer than when inhaled. Use cannabis oil when a longer onset period and longer lasting effects suit your needs.

What bedro-oil contains

We have your health top of mind, which is why we’ve balanced purified extracts from Bedrocan’s standardized varieties with non-genetically modified organic sunflower oil to produce natural, and versatile products.

Simple equivalency calculation

A standardized equivalency factor makes dosing simpler. For all 10:1 bedro-oil varieties, 10ml is the equivalent of 1g of the same dried flower. That said, many people find the effects of inhaled cannabis differ from its edible form. A “start low and go slow” approach is therefore recommended.

Start low and go slow

Clients new to consuming edibles should start with as little as 0.5ml of our bedrolite or bediol 10:1 bedro-oil for your first dose. Consuming 0.5ml once daily for the first three days is a conservative approach. On day 4, if 0.5ml was inadequate, move to 1ml for three days and so on. Clients should make note of the onset of effects and how long they lasted to assist in finding the right single dose before attempting to consume more than once in a day.

Easy access and use

You can ingest 10:1 bedro-oil straight from the dosing syringe we provide or use it inyour favourite recipe.

Safety and convenience

Always store your medicine where children can’t access it and be sure to label any food made with 10:1 bedro-oil.  Never operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while impaired. Avoid consuming alcohol in combination with cannabis.

Bedrocan's Commitment to Education

Bedrocan, in partnership with Tweed, has launched a fund to support the delivery of education programs on the responsible use of cannabis. Along with Tweed, Bedrocan has committed $50,000 toward partnerships with leading organizations committed to responsible use education. $1 from every bottle of 10:1 bedro-oils sold will also go towards this important initiative.

To dose with precision, we recommend using the enclosed bottle adapter and syringe. Press the adapter into the bottle’s opening, insert the syringe, and withdraw your dose from the bottle.

Equivalency Table

10ml of Bedrolite oil = 1g dried Bedrolite
10ml of Bediol oil = 1g dried Bediol
10ml of Bedrobinol oil = 1g dried Bedrobinol

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