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Introducing The Standard in Cannabinoid Medicine

July 25, 2016 / 1 Comment

The first published research on the use of cannabis for medical reasons dates back to 1842, when doctors first discovered they had a plant that could be used to treat a range of symptoms. For a number of reasons – none of them medical – the plant was shelved as a scientific pipe dream. Nearly 175 years later, we are finally beginning to appreciate the potential of the cannabis sativa plant.

By speaking to practitioners, researchers and experts, The Standard provides a special perspective on the ever-evolving topic of cannabinoid medicine. We will also share the unique history of our company and our insights into advances in cannabis policy and research, as well as definitive posts on proper strain selection, advocacy initiatives and new products.

After nearly 200 years in the shadows, cannabis is finally being adopted by the scientific and medical communities as a viable solution to a number of symptoms and ailments. And whether you’re a patient, practitioner, politico or passerby, we invite you to live this significant shift with us.

Check back early and often for our latest dispatches and let The Standard  help you stay up-to-date on this ever-evolving new branch of medicine.

- Team Bedrocan

Jason cooper

August 07, 2016

Hi i have had incredible success with the high cbd strains from bedrocan. Im so very happy with bedrocan the bediol strain really helps my arthritis and ibs thank you bedrocan

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