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Bedrocan Canada Responds to Proposed New Cannabis Regulations

August 12, 2016 / 0 Comments

Yesterday, the Government of Canada announced that regulations governing medical marijuana would be amended, as expected, by August 24, 2016, and that the majority of the previously repealed Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) would form a part of an interim system, introduced to satisfy the requirements set out by the courts in the truncated timeline the government was given to respond. Bedrocan Canada is pleased to respond to that announcement.

For patients accessing medical cannabis and the 95% of people who don't abuse the privilege of growing at home, we think this is positive news. Choice is a good thing, and those who wish to grow moderate amounts of cannabis at home for personal consumption should be allowed to do so.

That said, at Bedrocan Canada, we are focused on providing a level of quality and rigour that you simply can’t achieve in your home.

It has been our mission to offer products and services that stand out among the numerous options patients have. You have always had choice and we have never taken that for granted. We have focused on our True Compassionate Pricing promise in order to make our products as accessible as possible. Bedrocan is the only company in the world that has the proven capability of producing standardized whole-flower medical cannabis. Through a combination of stable plant genetics and proprietary, automated, high-tech production techniques, we have the capacity to grow varieties that contain consistent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes every time. At Bedrocan, we believe that this level of attention to detail, consistency, and standardization is key to providing our clients with access to medical cannabis that meets their needs. Growing cannabis at home simply cannot meet this level of standardization and rigour.

Canopy Growth, encompassing Bedrocan Canada and Tweed, is proud to welcome our 20,000th customer to join the Canopy family. As of today, our Company has garnered the trust and support of over 20,000 Canadians, representing more than half of all those who ever joined the MMAR system in its 13 years of existence. We offer our customers a convenient way to access a wide variety of cannabis products produced to the highest quality standards in the world.

We have taken great strides to normalize medical cannabis use through political advocacy, physician education and stakeholder outreach. We're confident that through our work, we've improved access to medical cannabis for tens of thousands of Canadians. We will continue this important work until medical cannabis is fully incorporated into the Canadian healthcare system.

Adhering to the strict quality-assurance regulations developed by Health Canada, Bedrocan has proven our ability to produce products that provide physicians and patients with peace of mind. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

- Team Bedrocan

To see our Canopy Growth Corporation response, please visit here.

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