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The Standard

Hilary Black: A career advocate for medical cannabis access

As the Liberal government’s pledge to legalize recreational cannabis comes closer to becoming a Canadian reality, the question of what federal reform will mean for medical patients continues to pique. What will become of the...
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Understanding 10:1 bedro-oils – Part 2: Absorption

A few weeks ago the first piece on the topic of cannabis absorption was posted at The Standard and it generated a number of questions. To help answer some of those queries, we will look...
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The variety Bedropuur, a strong Indica, with a cannabinoid content of 20-24% THC / < 1% CBD, was originally developed for THC extraction. Fifteen years ago the nickname of this variety was “Schwarzenegger” given the high potency. At that time THC was the only cannabinoid considered to have medical properties, so the Office of Medical Cannabis decided not to make it available in Dutch pharmacies because “Bedrocan”, another strong THC variety, was already available. Being a strong Indica, now we know that the terpene profile differs completely from the Bedrocan variety, so we have happily introduced it to Canada.

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